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bullet Elizabeth UNKNOWN was born in Feb 1851 in Germany. She immigrated in 1866 to Baltimore MD.

She was married to Peter THIELMANN about 1873. Children were: Elizabeth TILMAN, Amanda TILMAN, Henry TILMAN, Sophia TILMAN, Unknown THIELMANN.

bullet Elizabeth A. UNKNOWN was born about 1835 in DE.

bulletFannie UNKNOWN was born in May 1858 in Maryland.

She was married to Philip THIELMANN about 1878. Children were: Mary TILMAN, Daisey TILMAN, Lula TILMAN, George TILMAN, William TILMAN, Susie TILMAN, Helen TILMAN, Daniel TILMAN.

bullet Hettie E. UNKNOWN was born in May 1848 in DE.(36)

She was married to James Rowland RUSSELL before 1869. Children were: Laura RUSSELL, William S. RUSSELL, Thomas R. RUSSELL, Benjamin C. RUSSELL, Elizabeth Rhodes RUSSELL, Minnie I. RUSSELL.

bullet Kate UNKNOWN(11)

bulletMardell UNKNOWN(11).

Children were: Unknown EARP.

bulletMartha UNKNOWN died on 27 Dec 1843.(3) James Rowland Family Bible also gives date of death as 27 Sep 1843.

She was married to Thomas ROWLAND before 1784. (3) Children were: James ROWLAND.

bullet Mary UNKNOWN (Private).

Children were: Suzanne ERLER , Elizabeth ERLER, Steven ERLER .

bulletMary UNKNOWN was born about 1835 in PA.

She was married to Charles LITHERBURY before 1857. Children were: Elizabeth S. LITHERBURY, Mary LITHERBURY, Cornelius LITHERBURY.

bullet Sarah L. UNKNOWN died on 1 Oct 1797.(3)

She was married to Bailey ART before 1792. (3) Children were: Sarah ART.

bullet Unknown UNKNOWN(2)

She was married to Norton RUSSELL unknown.(2) Children were: Child 1 RUSSELL, Child 2 RUSSELL, Child 3 RUSSELL, Child 4 RUSSELL.

bullet Unknown UNKNOWN(11)

Children were: Christian Gottfried ERLER.

bulletUnknown UNKNOWN(11).

Children were: Karl Gottfried WETZIG.

bulletUnknown UNKNOWN(11).

Children were: Johanne Christiane THÜME.

bulletAmalie WETZIG(11) died before 25 Jan 1898. Parents: Karl Gottfried WETZIG and Johanne Christiane THÜME.

bulletBertha WETZIG(11) immigrated about 1880. Parents: Karl Gottfried WETZIG and Johanne Christiane THÜME.

She was married to Friedrich ERLER on 11 Feb. Children were: Friedrich Bruno Benedict ERLER, Friedrich Georg Rudolf ERLER , Friedrich Walter Peter ERLER, Friedrich Bernhardt Albert ERLER, twin girl 1 ERLER , twin girl 2 ERLER, Bertha Amalie Johanna ERLER, Bertha Lina Juliane ERLER, Friedrich Hermann Hans ERLER.

bullet G. WETZIG(11) was born in Oberrossau, Germany. forest worker

Children were: Karl Gottfried WETZIG.

bulletKarl Gottfried WETZIG(11) was born in 1807 in Oberrossau, Germany. Parents: G. WETZIG and Unknown UNKNOWN.

Children were: Bertha WETZIG , Karl Heinrich WETZIG, Amalie WETZIG.

bulletKarl Heinrich WETZIG(11) was born about 1838 in Germany. He died on 21 May 1897. Parents: Karl Gottfried WETZIG and Johanne Christiane THÜME .

bullet Samuel Garrison WHITE was born on 8 Dec 1864 in Philadelphia PA. (58)

He was married to Sallie Sailer MALSEED on 9 Mar 1899 in Philadelphia PA.

bullet Georgie WILLIAMSON

She was married to John MALSEED on 16 Jul 1890 in Philadelphia PA.

bullet Elinor (or Helen) WYATT died on 16 May 1810.(14)

She was married to William RUSSELL on 9 Dec 1800 in Lewes DE.(17)

bullet Unknown ZIMMER(11)

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